JANUARY 2021 Newsletter


In a few more days, we will be the middle of January - it is absolutely amazing how time flies.
Most days, my to do list is far from being completed and let the truth be known… Apparently, I am now officially an old woman. So, quite possibly, I’m entitled to move a bit slower?

We would like to introduce to you some of our key people and we want to start giving you more details about our families.

Jorge: overqualified and underpaid, our office manager for the last 4 years and now the administrator for this ministry. We are thankful for his many technological skills and the kindness and gentleness he demonstrates to all of us. In the afternoons, Jorge teaches computer classes to our mamas and their children.

Florencia: There is certainly none like her. She is such a treasure! Two years later, our children still run to her with open arms. It would take at least 5 people to replace Florencia and still it wouldn’t come with all the love that she pours out on our children. She is our childcare provider for our working moms who have children ages 0-5. What a relief it is for our moms to know that their children are in safe and loving hands, while they are at work.

Susie: our house mom, the first little broken young woman I had the opportunity to minister to, before we officially opened our center. It was Susie who taught me so much about the realities of picking up the broken pieces of our lives, and with God’s help, putting them back together. She is now helping other women do that very same thing. Susie is happily married and has two daughters of her own. Not only is she a wonderful house mom but her leadership and testimony are exemplary examples for our women.

Teresa: who started serving here on weekends, while attending the local bible school, is now a full time volunteer and has committed to being with us for at least 1 year. While visiting on weekends, she began to understand the many needs of our ministry and had ideas about how she could use her God-given skills to meet those needs. The main role that she currently plays is teaching our school-age children. This has truly been a God-send with our children now doing all their learning online. Her role certainly doesn’t stop there.

Alana: who was with us for 5 months last year, left for 3 ½ months and has come back. What a huge blessing for all of us! Every child absolutely adores Alana and so do most of our mothers. She is overqualified and full of love, compassion and passion that reaches and touches everyone. I cannot begin to list her qualifications but one of the things she is going to help us with is to improve our communication skills and to fine tune our systems in the office. We are hoping that she’s going to teach us to sing and dance as well.
I do believe that when you receive more detailed accounts of what is going on and how money is being spent, you will be more encouraged to assist on a more consistent basis.
Right now, one of our unexpected costs is dental. Because of Covid, our dental teams are no longer coming. They used to come twice a year but that has ceased and we have major dental needs. Of course dental work, even here in Mexico, can get expensive quickly.

Our other continued needs are finances and resources for construction. In our complex, we have 5 completed bedrooms, which should be housing 5 families, but we have 12 families, so we are doubling up. We still have some trailers, the prayer room upstairs, and the trailer Eduardo and I used to live. We are somewhat bursting at the seams but of course, we don’t want to turn anyone in need away. We need to continue construction which, of course, takes money. We have an amazing construction team with us right now and they are willing to continue working until the project has been completed. If you could find creative ways of fundraising for us, we would greatly appreciate it. Help us hire local Mexican workers, which also benefits our community.

We hope to open our restaurant in March and it will be an intense couple of months to pull it together. Our desire is to remove our women from the fields and employ them here, in a safe environment, close to their children. We want to teach them various skill sets and equip them to be successful in providing for themselves and their children. The bakery, sausage making room, and small gift shop will all be a part of our restaurant. The small gift shop will be a place where the women can sell things that they’ve made. Many of our women have learned to make pepper jelly, jewelry, cards, quilts, aprons, and many other handicrafts.

March 14th, 2021 is the anticipated opening date of our restaurant but we definitely need some financial help in making that happen. Our women are all willing to work hard to put it all together. The construction money that we need will be used to purchase doors, paint, and plaster in order to complete the interior of the restaurant and kitchens. I found two used sinks but we still need 2 more larger ones. Additionally, we need two grills, a deep fryer, a stainless steel table, all of the dishes, the coffee bar, and really everything to set up a restaurant: tables & chairs, a cash register… you name it, it’s on the list. The list is long and we need to purchase all the items between now and our opening.
There are restaurants closing down south of here. It is possible that we may find everything that we need in Cabo San Lucas. However, we would need the finances in place to make the trip worthwhile. Cabo is a 20 hour drive from where we are. We continue to recognize that God has provided and faithfully supplied all our needs. We know that He will continue to do so.

We believe that family likes to help and therefore we are sharing with you what our current needs are. We do not yet have a price breakdown for all the items we need for inside of our restaurant but here is a list with some specifics about the costs of construction:

This Friday, we will be celebrating a sweet 15th birthday, which in the Mexican culture is usually a very large event. Though our celebration will be much smaller, the message will be very clear, leaving childhood and entering adulthood is a huge step.
Near the 1st of March, we expect baby twins to be born. This sweet mama below will have 4 adorable children pining for her affection and attention.

We thank God for you! Thank you for continued love, prayers and support.
Dorothy & the rest of us here at M.N.C.