MNC Newsletter October, 2020


Our Beloved Ana


After many years of abuse, an almost forgotten relative suggested that Ana leave from Guadalajara and move here to Baja California for a fresh start. Now try to imagine the emotional turmoil she felt when the cousin who arrived to get her did not bring her to his own home but rather delivered her to our shelter, M.N.C.. He simply told her that he had no place for her. She felt abandoned, cheated, deceived and frightened. Those emotions have taken significant time for her to process and heal from. Indeed, Ana has built a fortified wall around herself and her 3 children. She is fiercely protective and strongly desires a successful, secure, and healthy future for each of her children.

Today, Ana has committed herself to God and is carefully guiding her children. She currently works at a job in the fields and has taken additional training in massage therapy. She is now awaiting the building of her home which is scheduled for the week of November 8th thru the 14th of this year. This home will include a dedicated room for her to embark on a new carrier of massage therapy. Her new home will be located directly across the street from M.N.C. We have a slight problem but we are prayerfully hopeful that somebody must have the solution. We are currently $2,000 short for her house build. (Some funds that were anticipated have not yet come in.)



Construction Progress


Our construction team is amazing! They are working long hours in the extreme heat but nevertheless possess a very cheerful attitude. Our children, especially our boys, love sitting at the workers´ table during mealtimes. Our little ones eagerly await a simple kick with the ball, pat on the head or a spin in the stroller. We feel blessed to have men here who are healthy role models. 

Though we never know how much money each month will bring, we continue to learn to trust God more and more. Yesterday, we encountered another hiccup, an additional 78,000 pesos for the roof. Of course, this was not part of the original quote. I can never seem to understand construction with its many complications. Unfortunately, 78,000 pesos is a lot more than just pocket change


Eduardo´s Health


Eduardo is getting stronger all the time and confidently professes to be completely healed. My faith wavers as I watch him sweat profusely and my fears creep in as I think about the events that led up to the heart attack. Please continue to pray for him (and me.) He does not want any further medical input or suggestions for surgery. He is steadfast in his persistence that God is willing, able and sufficient. 


Future Projects


We need help tiling bathrooms, connecting water lines and creating proper drainage for the runoff and expected rain. It is also time to expand our chicken compound. Additionally, we really need to develop a system and encatchment to collect all the morning dew that runs off of our roofs. 




Our daycare is currently filled with 18 children under age 5. We are indeed blessed but sometimes stressed. We thank God for Florencia!


Fasting & Prayer


Next week, we are introducing biblical fasting to our ladies. We are prayerful to see unhealthy bonds broken, aching hearts healed, and bitter resentments dissolved.


We value your prayers and we desperately need them, Please continue to pray for wisdom for all those in leadership.

Thank you,

Dorothy, Eduardo & many more at M.N.C.

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