Why and How We Do This

The effects of a woman who has been marginalized and abused her whole life will have much greater risks of showing the following…

  • Insecurity
  • Irresponsibility
  • Anger
  • Have a victim mentality
  • Be resentful
  • Be unable to express or verbalize feelings
  • Be vulnerable to exploitation
  • Unable to create or maintain healthy relationships
  • Lacks skills in money management
  • Dislikes organized religion or a belief in God
  • Has no job training or job skills

In light of these circumstances, our goal is to create a holistic program for the abused and marginalized women. We assist them along the journey to independence through:

1. Showing them consistent love and respect

    a. Encouraging them every step of the way

            i. Teaching them how to encourage others as well as how to receive it from othe

    b. Reinforcing positive behavior

    c. Consistent redirection of bad behavior

            i. Understanding punishment and consequences for your own action

2. Money management skill

    a. How to save mone

    b. How to spend mone

    c. How to give mone

3.  How to have professionalism Understanding your self-worth and who you are in the eyes of God

4.  Recognition and development of each individuals spiritual gift, their natural abilities, and their dream

5.  How to set and accomplish your goals

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